Road surface reflectivity


Reflectivity of road surfaces

Project goals

The REFLECTIVITY project aims to propose a global and unified approach to the reflectivity of road surfaces, mixing daytime and nighttime issues and considering all users...


Expected outcomes

The aim of the project is to provide manufacturers and local authorities with a database and new tools for measuring and predicting the photometry of road surfaces. This will allow the optimisation of lighting installations, the reduction of urban heat islands and the respect of safety issues in the context of the arrival of automated vehicles...



Optimising public lighting, the contrast of markings, the impact of albedo
to combine user comfort and sustainable development

The optical properties of road surfaces are at the very centre of many development issues,
both in urban areas and in the field of road infrastructures.

The REFLECTIVITY project aims to develop tools and methodologies for measuring and predicting the BRDF of road surfaces.
Its originality lies in the global approach to daytime and nighttime issues, taking into account all users and considering the multi-scale variability of road surfaces (both spatially and temporally).

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